Welcome to Town & Country Salon.



"A vision or goal without action is just a hallucination" -unknown

At Town & Country Salon, we believe that A strong culture reflects an organization's dreams and aspirations. Ours is to be the most educated and welcoming salon with a professional atmosphere that embodies quality work.

This is the VISION we work every day to achieve.

Our salon's character is defined through the essential and enduring tenets and principles that guide our work and relationships with our guests and each other.  They will not be compromised for financial gain, or short-term expediency.  These CHOSEN VALUES are best articulated through a pledge that we make to each of our guests.


To remain EDUCATED and to use our education to make intelligent offerings to our guests.

To deliver extraordinary value through EXCEPTIONAL GUEST EXPERIENCES.

To embrace our BELIEF SYSTEM in professional products and to consistently recommend them to every guest without judgment.

To be AUTHENTIC by always striving to do the right thing for our guests, even when those things are not the easiest, or the most obvious.

To take CARE of each other and respect our LEADERSHIP so that we can take care of our guests.

To readily give TRUST and strive hard to earn it.